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Election Poster


Vote how you want. But don’t claim to be an ally and vote for a party that allows opinions of hate.

This is a silly graphic made to appease my own feelings of inaction and helplessness. It is a reminder that too often, the people running for public office care more about power than they do people. It is also not an indictment of an entire political party. I don’t believe all conservatives are racist or homophobic. I just think they need to look closely at some of the things their leader has said and done and examine if they are comfortable with it. It’s also something we all need to do now and then, for everyone in positions of power. Are we comfortable with these people representing us?

Below are the graphics in 11” x 8.5” or 24” x 18” to download for free. Feel free to print them off and put them where you want. They may incite anger or frustration with your friends or family. Be aware that some may see this as hurtful.

A limited run of screenprints be available at this spring’s Royal Bison fair, with all proceeds going to the Alberta GSA Network (donated in Mr. Kenney’s name of course).

DOWNLOAD 11” x 8.5”

DOWNLOAD 24” x 18”